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Gaara Haters Unite! [entries|friends|calendar]
We Hate Gaara

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Randomness [06 Jun 2008|11:45pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I was being totally random today and I created this Image:

Obama Rasengan!
Image © 2008 by potato-chip19

Gaara would be owned if he had to face this. =]
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E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY [11 Dec 2007|01:49pm]

Once upon a time in the Sand Village, there was born a little boy named Gaara...

Image hosted by ImageSocket.com

after this commercial break, we now return...Collapse )
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GAARA VS. POPULAR SHOUNEN JUMP [16 Aug 2007|02:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]





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my view on the matter [28 Jun 2007|04:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

to be honest the older gaara in shippuden is my fav. to all those gaara defenders shut up lol.i know just how he feels and i do pity him. however, face the facts, the old gaara would kill anyone in his path if he wanted to, and to me thats just sick, cuz he would kill ANYONE, naming your favorite elders/ siblings, friends or children if they stood in his way rofl.he may have had a rough time in his past, but while hes being like that, i keep thinking of gaara as a spoiled baby who's crying about a problem thats all over the place. all you emo ppl thinking that youve got it bad(you ppl trying to relate to him), GROW UP, think about other ppl than yourself and look at ALL the problems in the world.be thankful youve got ppl TRYING to take care of you while youre shoving your faces into pillows crying your eyes out. there are also some ppl who cry their eyes out being dramaqueens/kings while their parents are out buying them psp's and ipods.anywayz thats just my view on things, sorry if this made any1 uncomfortable on dis site, c yaz

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Yeah its another post from me! [02 Jun 2007|06:15pm]


I dont know which one freaks me out the most...Barney or Gaara ><
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[02 Jun 2007|12:07am]


holy shit why are gaara fans such violent sick fucks. o_o NO LEE. RUN!
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[01 Jun 2007|11:07am]



I kinda feel like maybe she should meet my OC. She's part TROLL. >:(
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Kill dat Gaara [11 May 2007|04:23am]


anyone else have some images/gif/flashes of Lee kicking Gaara's ass? :3
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Naruto RP [08 Mar 2007|03:35pm]

Hi there, everyone!
Just popping in to see if anyone might be interested in joining a Naruto RP. If so...
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gaara eats babies [07 Mar 2007|01:01am]


OKAY, so seriously.... what's up with fangirls always wanting/liking the psycho or emo type guys? Like seriously? I don't get it. Wouldn't a character with a pure heart, good nature, and inspiring drive to succeed, be more attractive? I mean why do so many chicks dig the gaara and the sasuke vs the Lee or the Naru.

I've come to my own conclusion that such fangirls fall into either categories... sadistic or masochistic.

The sadistic types DIG DA GAARA. Such girls love hurt boys... seeing hurt boys. They probably fap to guro featuring bishies, for all I know. They want to hug and kiss their boo boos away and make it all better, even though such individuals (considering the messed up things that happened to them) are probably uberly psychologically messed up (in the real world these people are beyound repair).

Than there are the masochistic fangirls who like Itachi and other psychos. (Psychos that would kill you if you even think of hugging them, gals.)

ANYWAY, Gaara sucks and Lee is hot.

anyone wanna share their own thoughts?
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It's called sunlight. [06 Mar 2007|09:37pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Greetings everyone! I'm new here, and I just wanted to say 'Hi'. My name is Vee. I'm sick of all the Gaara fangirls running around and getting defensive and stuff. The fanBOYS are even weirder. *shudder* But I'd prefer not to think of it right now. *thoughts of overweight boys wearing leather jackets showing off their sand village symbol gloves enter mind, but are quickly shot down with an imaginary BB gun*

Gaara freaks me out. The whole eyeliner/ no eyebrows thing is just weird. I like eyebrows on a man. Please. I'd believe he eats babies. That cracks me up everytime I think about it. I've got to tell it to the weird fanboy at my school. Currently, I'm absolutely smitten with Rock Lee. I've drawn him on every paper-like surface I can get my hands on. I love meself a man with a nice polo neck and shiny hair.

So, hello, and good night/morning/afternoon/noon/whatever.

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[27 Jan 2007|08:54pm]

[ mood | scared ]

I think Gaara wants to rape me up the butt after he kills me.

What should I do to keep the raccoon away from me? :|

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psychopath [18 Dec 2006|09:03pm]

[ mood | no emotion ]

Yes I absolutely LOVE gaara. Us two can totally relate. For one, he's just a psychopath. And really I've been in a pysch-ward three different times. Everybody is so scared of me when I am in public. 
Especially in church...ohhhh the wonderful days. I would always appear in solid black...eyeliner and everythin. And includin I always wore a pentagram. All people were so scared to even look at me er walk up to me to greet me. Cuz, I always stare at whoever, just like gaara. I simply give them the evil eye. Everybody was scared of me in school, and on in public. 
Always carried a santanic bible w/ me when I went to school everyday. Although I had to sneak it in but oh fuckin well. 
I was just twisted and mysterious. Til this day! Cuz, I was always the fuckin quiet one....and til am. I really dont talk as much. Im just mainly quiet. And thats what gits people nervious and quite scared of me of what I might do. 
Mostly, all people call me a psychopath. I love the comments that they give. Cuz, thats truely me. I just give people the evil eye and they git so scared that I just might pull a knife on them. I just give em the evil eye and not even a split-second they start walkin off very quickly. And I just dont stop there, I lock eyes right on their asses til I don't see them anymore, til out of my sight. Everybody thought still do til this day, think Im so sick. But it makes me smile. But ya know...about the baby part, gaara doesnt eat poor innocent little babies. I fuckin hate all people not in rather than myself. Im quite seretely about one thing. And its my chance to tell. I never told anybody that when a woman is pregant.....go for abortion. Kill it dont let it enter this world. Like I said I fuckin hate people rather than myself. And kill every fetis that is inside every womans body that becomes pregant. 
If you call yourself "gaara haters" well, I think everyone of you THAT hates gaara,  you just  messed w/ the wrong person right here. Im all for gaara. GAARA FOREVER!!!!!! I LOVE GAARA!!!!. Im his fangirl. 
Everyone of you that hates gaara, well Im basically a spitting image of gaara. I fuckin HATE all people like you that hates gaara and hates people in general, rather than myself.
I show no emotion at funerals. And no emotion when someone dies either. I might not be wearin a pentagram anymore but Im completely fine w/ that. I have my particular ways. I still wear the eyeliner. And I don't wear black anymore either. 
I always had an evil eye that just fuckin scares people and just walks away from me. Thats why I have no friends. Cuz, everybody is scared. Im fine w/ that. I love only myself. Im alone and always goin to be alone. Always will show absolutely no emotion.

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Fear Me [18 Dec 2006|02:08pm]

[ mood | no emotion ]

I am Sabaku No Gaara. And I kill for fun. I like to see things bein destroyed. I find it very amuzin. In a sick and twisted way. There is a demon w/in me. That awakes from his sleep if somebody is tryin to threathen. My demon sure definetely comes out once I feel threatened. No joke. You can call me crazy or psycho, which ever any of you perfer callin me. I dont care....alot of people call me pyscho. I rather be alone and anythin else. I show no emotion when someone dies. I think its funny. And I damn sure make fun. I have fun when I "kill". Thats how and the way I get amused. Thats how I love to have fun. Thats how I play.

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Gaara is the shit!!! [17 Dec 2006|08:12pm]

[ mood | no emotion ]

I know everybody is afraid of Gaara. But I totally LOVE gaara. ;D
You can love me or you can hate me. I don't care. I HATE fuckin people badmouthing gaara, and hating him.
And I do understand that Gaara had it hard when he was a child and now killing for the amusement. And loving only for himself. And doesnt care what other people think of him, he could fuckin careless about you bastards that are against him.

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[11 Nov 2006|10:10am]

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[11 Sep 2006|06:47pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Screw Babies Gaara just ate my fluffykins.
-bursts into tears-

Is this illegal?
I'm new here -pokes-
Quite acturly I love Gaara but....he still ate my fluffykins.

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*chuckles maniacly* [24 Aug 2006|08:03pm]


Good God. I found this.... thing on YouTube, and I wanted to share it.
Because you're all worth it.

Note: The link opens a new window.

Click me!!!

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Please excuse my pimpin' =P [13 Aug 2006|10:50pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Yes folks, it's the naruto_cractest icontest! You get the idea ;] Just be CRAZY! And read the rules in the community itself <3
>>>Must have Haku in it


>>>Star Wars, Lord of the Rings a parody to another anime doesn't matter, use your imagination


>>>You may submit up to 5 Icons
>>>Icons must follow LJ Standards [40 kb // 100x100]
>>>You may combine the themes
>>>You may have the themes seperate
>>>Fan art and Doujin is allowed (give proper credit and ask permission first)
>>>Animations are allowed
>>>Net Speech is in fact allowed (but please explain it to me for I am ignorant in such things. xD)

So get cracking!
Pun intended. Hopefully this community will rise to the top. (^__^)

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GO GAARA GO!!! [12 Aug 2006|07:04pm]

[ mood | :D ]

Ok Listen up people sometimes gaara can get a little annoying this much is true but thats no reason so go and make a gaara baby eater thing -_- infact i do like gaara at least a little i have a friend (You might know her as gaarasonlygirl1) who had a very hard childhood much like gaara's and naruto's and really gaara and naruto are the same so if you hate gaara you must hate naruto too they just took a few different paths but non-the-less they still are the same and i LOVE rock lee almost as much as neji but still thats not reason to be so mean about gaara it was a compition are you going to not do your best just so people wont hate you? i dont think so well gaara is also cool in the sense that he is phsycopathic thats just who gaara is are you going to be mad at someone for being who they are? and also its a fictional charector so if you hate gaara you hate the writer who made him and that would mean you hate all the naruto people because the same person made up all the charectors i love all the naruto charectors... except for kankuro but that is a different story... anywho some of the things you people say dont even make sense because gaara didnt even do some of them just because people draw pictures of him with his siblings and have weird minds doesnt mean he actually does it if someone drew a picture of you kissing your brother or mom or dad and people thought it meant something would you like it? just wondering well i gave my opinion on gaara i dont exactly like the guy but you guys are wasting your time talking shit on someone who isnt even real so get a real life :D also i cheer for any underdog no matter if it was kankuro or not nobody diserves to be treated like shit

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